Unemployment today, has Obama improved anything?

Give your opinion before I give you the data.

Well, seems it is not terrible but it’s not good either. U.S. unemployment hit 10.2% in 2009 says New York Times, which was the highest ever in the last 26 years. It took President Obama almost 5 years to bring it down to 8.3 % in July 2013. Miraculously, in the last 8 months, unemployment has gone down almost 2% more, leaving us with 6.7% as of March 2014. Things look better although it is clear that times are not what they used to be (at some point in 1953 we had 2.5%).  Now the question is what kind of jobs are being created?

Last data shows as The Guardian published, that unemployment rate for white people was 5.8%, for African Americans it was 12%, and Hispanics 8.1%. Unemployment for teenagers was 21.4%. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) increased by 203,000 in February to 3.8m and these people accounted for 37% of the unemployed.

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