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Barack Obama playing golf

“Grandpa,” said JM, “do you remember our conversations on Iraq and what happened back in 2014?”

“Sure I do!” Grandpa answered.

“Someone has mentioned that President Obama went to California to play golf and then to NY to raise money while the so called ISIS crisis was exploding.”

“He said he had everything under control, his team looking into alternative ways to proceed…”
Did President Barack Obama go on vacations those days?”

“I don’t think so. Let me see,” said Dad, as he was checking his phone. “He actually seemed to be busy with an Executive order curbing discriminations against gays and another one planning to create what could be the largest marine preserve in the world.”

… “The Pacific thing is part of President Obama foreign policy, isn’t it?”

The conversation could go on as a follow up of The Five Oddities of The Obama Presidency under Chapter 2.

But J.M. was right. If the war had been finished and U.S. mission accomplished, why would the Obama administration be thinking on alternative actions? And if the war wasn’t finished, why to play golf instead of working over potential actions?

The answer is pretty clearly summarized by Grandma in chapter 7.

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