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US expenditure in healthcare is the largest of the world by far.
However, the US heath care is still very deficient
Chapter 5 of the book The Five Oddities of The Obama Presidency, Obamacare Oddity, analyzes how the US Health care system is behind many western countries.
However, I would like to emphasize another measure, life expectancy. Is it one of Obamacare obamacare benefits for young adults?

Do you think Life expectancy and Obamacare have anything in common? Sure: the better the healthcare for all the higher the life expectancy (at least for those that are still young). Will their life expectancy grow, an obamacare benefits for young adults?

The chart, from a 2013 report, maps what countries spend per-person on health care against how long people in those countries live. It captures two long-standing truths about the American system: the United States consistently ranks way above peer nations in health care spending, but also ranks way behind in health care outcomes.

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However, if you read “The Five Oddities of The Obama Presidency” book Chapter Five, Obamacare Oddity, you’ll come out with an unexpected conclusion.

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