Obama job approval rating take a hit in June

Last week, the Wall Street Journal and NBC News conducted a new poll on President Obama job performance.

President Obama job approval rating remained at 41%.

President Barack Obama foreign policy got 37% approval rating. And that was before the Iraq situation and the Obama administration reactions to it (read President Obama foreign policy – back to Chapter 2, and US foreign policy with Iran – ironic)

Here are some of the highlights by The Wall Street Journal

And 41% said his administration’s performance has gotten worse over the past year, compared with the 15% who noted improvement.

57% People who disapprove of Mr. Obama’s foreign policy has increased 11 percentage points in the last year. And it is happening at the worst possible time for a president who staked his first campaign on a promise to end the Iraq war. Now tensions in Iraq are exploding again.

25% Only a quarter of people think the country is on the right track. During Mr. Obama’s presidency, the number has only been lower during the 2013 government shutdown and after the debt-ceiling brinkmanship of 2011.

18- to 34-year-olds Young people once served as one of the pillars of Mr. Obama’s political support, along with African Americans and Hispanics. But now young voters are just as disillusioned with the president as the public at large: Only 41% approve of the job he is doing as president–down from a high in the 60s.

Summary: Obama job approval rating take a hit in June

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