J.M. Malionn new book anounced

President Barack Obama Book Cover
The Five Oddities of the Obama Presidency - President Barack Obama Book Cover

A shocking and revealing analysis about Barack Obama, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, a Devotee of Government transparency, protector of the poor, immigrants, and the uninsured. Did his Administration live up to these values?

Obama Presidency Book Cover
The Five Oddities of the Obama Presidency

In 2023, J.M. and his beloved grandfather take a look back in time and lay out the facts in order for you to form your own opinion. No one can deny the influence of the data you will read within their engaging conversations. A well-documented book, written by J.M. Malionn in a distinctive, entertaining style, which will raise questions on whether reality coincides with what you may think is the truth.

A thrilling and controversial book to be released on May 27, 2014.

Is it a fictional book, a political analysis, or maybe even a history book? Truth is, it’s all the above. A book based on hard and compelling researched data.

Entertaining for the general public, a tool for Democratic and Republican candidates alike. You will find this book worth reading and sharing with everyone.

Available from Amazon.com and other book stores.




The Five Oddities of the Obama Presidency

The book will be available at a bookstore near you in the coming weeks



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